Groundbreaking research, clinical trials and investments in innovation have provided patients with improved options and outcomes for cancer care. In fact, the way we treat and diagnose cancer continues to transform thanks to ongoing research in the lab and on the front lines of cancer centres such as the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre.

Clinical Trials

Every type of treatment recommended to cancer patients today was first developed and tested through clinical trials. These trials are research studies that pilot new ways to prevent, detect, treat or manage cancer or other diseases.

Lakeridge Health is home to an impressive research program with approximately 90 clinical trials in cancer at any given time and another 120 ongoing studies throughout the Hospital.

A Living Lab for Prestigious Research

With approximately 80% of health care being delivered in Ontario community hospitals, Lakeridge Health creates an enviable arena for researchers to observe and explore new protocols and treatments.

Academic Research Chairs are prestigious positions held by some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.

Through Our Cancer Campaign, Lakeridge Health will establish its second Endowed Research Chair. At $2.7 million, the investment will fund a chair position in perpetuity ensuring Lakeridge Health remains at the forefront of research and further solidifies its foundation of top quality cancer care for everyone, every day.  

Leading Forward: The Innovation Fund

Research has led to tremendous progress against cancer. Experts have learned of new causes of cancer, how it develops, how best to treat it and how to improve the quality of life of people living with cancer.

When we look to the future, the innovations and ground-breaking discoveries are abundant. However, research that leads to these shifts in care require significant investment. From clinical trials to artificial intelligence in reading diagnostic scans and robotic surgical tools, the innovations our medical teams dreamt of a few years ago are quickly becoming a reality.



“We are in a unique position to put theory into motion, to test new care pathways and invest in ground-breaking technology. It’s the support of donors that makes this possible.”

Dr. Randy Wax, Chief of Staff, Lakeridge Health


cancer clinical trials

“Thanks to the clinical trials programs at Lakeridge Health, I had a new option for treatment that didn’t require travel to a Toronto academic hospital. We had everything we needed right here in Oshawa and we are so grateful.”

– Diagnosed with testicular cancer at a young age, Eric avoided serious side effects thanks to a new treatment option brought on by important research