Surgery is an essential part of the larger puzzle in diagnosing and treating cancer. Lakeridge Health has 29 operating rooms with seven specifically outfitted for minimally-invasive procedures, which use techniques that allow for smaller incisions, less risk and shorter hospital stays.

Thanks to funding from Our Cancer Campaign, the surgical department received new technology such as lasers and scopes to support women’s health, two operating rooms were renovated to accommodate minimally-invasive equipment and Lakeridge Health established the Centre of Excellence in Robotic Surgery.

Transforming Care with Surgical Robotics

In 2023, Lakeridge Health welcomed a da Vinci Surgical System to its Oshawa Hospital thanks to the Verwey Family and an overwhelming response from our community. This is a thrilling step forward for Lakeridge Health’s surgery team and is the single most important surgical innovation to our Hospital in the last decade. Until last year, robotic surgery was not available between Toronto and Kingston. After just one year in operation, Lakeridge Health’s robotic system has been used in over 300 surgeries for urology, gynecology, thoracic and colorectal patients.

The minimally-invasive robot enables our expert surgeons to provide safer surgical procedures and more options for cancer patients, thanks to its technologically-advanced capabilities:

  • Real-time 3D imaging
  • Greater precision and control
  • Tiny, 360-degree movements beyond human capabilities
  • Four arms and a detailed camera

To use the da Vinci Surgical System, our surgeons sit within a console in the same room as the patient and equipment. Using the console’s real-time 3D imaging camera, the surgeon uses hand controls to manipulate the robot’s four arms that operate in tiny, precise, and controlled movements beyond the capabilities of a human hand.

Robotic-assisted surgery means smaller incisions, less blood loss and a lower risk of infection for patients. With these innovations, patients also experience shorter stays in the Hospital, faster recovery, and are back to the comforts of home sooner than ever before.

Thank you to our Campaign donors for bringing the future of surgical care to our community.  



“Cancer impacts all of us and we wanted to step up and help change the course of this disease. We chose to give $1 million to help bring a da Vinci robot to Durham Region and challenge the community to match it. We’ve been blown away by the response – it’s been incredible!”

— Bob Verwey


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