It is the generous support of donors like you that accelerates the ongoing work of our expert medical teams. Because of donations from our community and beyond, the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre was built. Lakeridge Health has continued to expand its cancer services throughout the Hospital.

Whether you wish to give a gift now, or would like to work with us on a planned gift, we’re here to help you.

Support for Current Needs:

Our Cancer Care Fund – any amount

It’s through the collective effort of many that we can revolutionize cancer care.  All donations make a real and lasting impact on the patient care we deliver at Lakeridge Health.   

Main contact: Adrienne Burns, Manager, Annual Giving, or 905-576-8711 extension 32784

Major Gift – $10,000+

Those individuals or organizations looking to elevate their support through a significant gift of cash, multi-year pledge or stock, can help fund the purchase of equipment, capital renovations or contributions to research and educational opportunities.  

Main contact: Steve MacDonald, Director, Development & Campaigns, or 905-576-8711 extension 34176

Transformational Gift – $1 million+

It’s not every day that an individual, group or organization makes an exceptional act of generosity in amounts that equal or exceed $1,000,000. For those who choose to join a short list of our most generous donors, Lakeridge Health Foundation will work closely with you to extend your passion for community cancer care in a way that makes an equally substantial impact. 

Main contact: Steve MacDonald, Director, Development & Campaigns, or 905-576-8711 extension 34176

Run your own event, get your business involved or create a personal fundraising page:

You can contribute to Our Cancer Campaign in your own unique way by running a third-party event, business partnership or even creating an online personal fundraising page.

Third-Party Events and Corporate Partnerships

From sports tournaments and concerts to bake sales and community raffles, there are many ways you can run an event in support of Our Cancer Campaign. Our expert team is here to help you plan your own event in the community. If you want to get your business involved, we can help set up point-of-sale opportunities, staff engagement activities and in-store offers.

Personal Pages

You can set up your own customized personal fundraising page to easily help raise funds and awareness for Our Cancer Campaign. It’s simple! Click here to set up your page, tell your story and share with your friends and family. Our team is here to help you along the way!

Main contact: Helen Knelsen, Manager, Community Giving, or 905-576-8711 extension 34175